Web Technology Specialists

What's a web architect?

A person who defines specifications for web sites or other complex web applications, prepares plans and supervises construction.

What's a web developer?

An individual who specializes in the development of web sites and/or web applications. Web developers handle all programming aspects of creating a web site including HTML programming, CGI programming, creating graphics and the user interface (GUI), adding content; including textual and images, and everything else that goes into the process of building a web site.

What's Hosting and Maintenance?

Hosting and Maintenance are value added services for an existing web site or web application. Hosting can be thought of as the "space" where your web site files are stored and accessed via the internet. Maintenance is a program which can be implemented to keep the information fresh and up to date on your website.

So where can I find all of this?

Welcome to cfgeek.com - Your Web Technology Solutions Provider. We offer over 10 years of working experience with proven expertise and time tested results in the technology and internet technology areas. Please feel free to browse around our portfolio. You can find an extensive breakdown of the technologies we work with in the "Technologies" section of the site. If you are interested in using our services, jump over to the contact page. You can get a clearer picture of what we do and our experience, by visiting our resume.

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